Mission Statement

Since war broke out in 1998, more than five million people have been killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo and tens of thousands of women and girls have been raped and tortured. A cease-fire was declared in 2002, but foreign militias have continued to terrorize the Congolese population. We believe that ending the violence in East Congo, which is greater than any conflict since World War II, should be a foreign policy priority for the United States. As the most powerful woman in the world, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must use her influence to stop the suffering and slaughter. Specifically, the “Dear Hillary” Campaign calls for a U.S. Special Envoy to the Greater Lakes Region of Africa. The Dear Hillary Campaign for the Congo aims to create a public outcry to pressure Secretary Clinton and the United States to an active role in establishing peace and security in the DRC.

Silence kills, in the past six years 40,000 women and children have been raped. 1.3 million adults have HIV/AIDS. The average life expectancy for a woman is 46.


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  1. Blondie says:

    You must update your statistics. The hugely under report the crime of rape in the Congo, 1,152 women are raped every day, a rate equal to 48 per hour!


    Michelle Hindin, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health who specializes in gender-based violence, said the rate could be even higher. The source of the data, she noted, is a survey that was conducted through face-to-face interviews, and people are not always forthcoming about the violence they have suffered when talking to strangers.

    “The numbers are astounding,” she said.

    Congo, a nation of 70 million people that is equal in size to Western Europe, has been plagued by decades of war. Its vast forests are rife with militias that have systematically used rape to destroy communities.

    The analysis, which will be published in the American Journal of Public Health in June, shows that more than 400,000 women had been raped in Congo during a 12-month period between 2006 and 2007.

    On average 29 Congolese women out of every 1,000 had been raped nationwide. That means that even in the parts of Congo that are not affected by the war, a woman is 58 times more likely to be raped than a woman in the United States, where the annual rate is 0.5 per 1,000 women.

    • Sorry for the delay in response, after the April 8th event we took a break for the summer, most of us are college students. Our statistics were from the Enough Project and Vday. However, we are aware that these statistics are largely underestimated due a multitude of factors such as fear and shame. Thank you for the information on Michelle Hindin’s study. What is your affiliation with the Congo? If you are intersted in joining our movement we are just gearing up for our next campaign.

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