Ambassador Walkley

Ambassador R. Barrie Walkley has been appointed as Representative to the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

The Dear Hillary Campaign for the Congo worked with other grass-roots activism groups to advocate for a US Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region.  While a Representative is not at the level of an Envoy it is step forward in US engagement in the Congo.

As a result of the Dear Hillary Campaign’s advocacy Representative Walkley will visit Saint Michael’s College, where the campaign was founded, to discuss US involvement in the DRC.

Stay tuned to hear how you can get involved in the Campaign to let Representative Walkley and Secretary Clinton know that citizens of the United States are aware of the Conflict in the DRC and are calling for change.

Representative Walkley will be in Vermont March 21st to discuss his appointment as the U.S. Special Representative to the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

Event details:

Location: Saint Michael’s College, Cheray 101 March 21st at 7p.m.

If you cannot attend:

Please post questions and we will ask them and respond.

The event will also be recorded and broadcast by the Vermont Center for Media and Democracy

Event Coverage by the Burlington Free Press.  Thank you for covering this important milestone in the Campaing’s history.


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